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Vacuum Pumps - Heavy Duty

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Vacuum Pumps – Heavy Duty

These Vacuum Pumps remove gas molecules from the Vacuum Receiver ultimately providing ‘suction’ for the applications.   The atmospheric air in the closed vacuum receiver is drawn out into the suction manifold and discharged to the atmosphere by means of a Reciprocating Piston driven by a Crank Shaft. Built on the foundation of time-tested Reciprocating, Dry, Lubricated Piston type Technology, these Vacuum Pumps are designed for applications of Medical, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, and similar industries.

Maximum Vacuum: 736 mm, 29” of Hg, 981 mbar
1VBJ - 24811728.921.5
2VBJ - 38783152.732.2
3VBJ - 514725288.353.7
4VBJ - 7.5249288149.57.55.5
5VBJ – 103738132224.3107.5
Standard Configurations: Base Frame Mounted or Receiver Mounted
Standard Receiver Capacities: 150, 300, 500, 750 Liters
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction – Built for Lifetime.
  • Air Cooled Design – No need for Cooling Water, Line, Towers, Chillers, etc. at all.
  • Fully Compliant with NFPA 99, HTM 20 22, HTM 02-01, EN ISO 7396 – 1 and other Medical Vacuum Standards.
  • Asymmetrical Piston Rings Design – Very Low Oil Consumption and Carryover.
  • Simple Construction, Few Moving Parts – Easy & Simple Maintenance
  • Full Assembled and Tested at factory – Greatly reduces Installation and on-site set up time.

Plug and Play Units consisting of: Tank Mounted Units:

  1. Vacuum Pump
  2. Vacuum Pump Filter
  3. Electric Motor
  4. Electric Motor Starter – DOL
  5. Pulley Set with V Belts and Belt Guard
  6. Non Return Valve
  7. Vacuum Gauge
  8. Vacuum Switch
  9. Vacuum Receiver
  10. Main Line Filter with Collection Bowl (Optional)
  11. Standard Fittings and Accessories

Base Frame Mounted Units:

  1. Vacuum Pump
  2. Vacuum Pump Filter
  3. Electric Motor
  4. Pulley Set with V Belts and Belt Guard
  5. Base Frame with Mountings
  6. Vertical Vacuum Receiver Assembly (Optional)
  7. Standard Fittings and Accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • iNTELLIGENT and S.M.A.R.T. Control Systems
  • Sound Enclosures

Please get in touch with us with your specific requirement and we shall send you over Detailed Technical Specifications of the system.

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