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Oil Free Gas Boosters

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(Oil-Free) Oil Free Gas Boosters

Dint-Tech’s Oil Free Gas Boosters are used where the pressure of the process gas needs to be boosted for the application. No Oil anywhere in the system rules out any possibility of contamination of the Gases being Compressed or Boosted. Also, thanks the completely sealed crankshaft and oil less design, these machines are ideal to handle explosive, corrosive and notorious gases. Despite its Oil Less operation, these compressors / boosters stand out on durability, reliability and performance. Gases that can be compressed: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Biogas, etc.

Maximum Pressure: 7 bar, 100 psi
1B OB 21 0812 - 333211.719.932.2
2B OB 21 HK - 5567203453.7
3B OB 21 GN - 7.589131.553.57.55.5
4B OB 21 JN - 10117941.670.7107.5
5B OB 31 JN - 15176862.4106.11511
6B OB 31 LN - 203234114.21942015
Maximum Pressure: 12 bar, 175 psi
1B OB 22 HK - 330310.718.232.2
2B OB 22 HK - 543915.526.353.7
3B OB 22 LN - 7.577027.
4B OB 22 LN - 10101635.961107.5
5B OB 32 LN - 15184865.3110.91511
6B OB 32 LN - 20231081.6138.62015
Standard Configurations: Base Frame Mounted or Receiver Mounted
Standard Receiver Capacities: 150, 300, 500, 750 Liters

Our Oil Free Gas Boosters are known for:

  • Absolute Oil Free, Oil Less Design – No Oil anywhere in the system ensures no contamination of Process Gas.
  • Air Cooled Design – No need for Cooling Water, Line, Towers, Chillers, etc. at all
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction – Built for Lifetime
  • Composite Material and Asymmetrical Geometry of Piston Rings – Ensures perfect sealing and Less Wearing for a long time
  • Special Coatings on the Cylinder Surface and Valve Plates – Eliminates possibility of Corrosion of the most important parts of machines
  • Special MOC of each critical components bases on Gas being handled.
  • Simple Construction, Few Moving Parts – Easy & Simple Maintenance
  • Low RPM design – Less over all wearing of moving components and efficient heat transfer
  • Full Assembled and Tested at factory – Greatly reduces Installation and on-site set up time
Plug and Play Units consisting of: Tank Mounted Units:



  1. Oil Less Booster Compressor Block with Copper Intercoolers
  2. Electric Motor
  3. Electric Motor Starter – DOL or Star Delta
  4. Pulley Set with V Belts and Belt Guard
  5. Non Return Valve
  6. Pressure Gauge & Safety Valve
  7. Pressure Switch
  8. Storage Receiver
  9. Standard Fittings and Accessories

Base Frame Mounted Units:

  1. Oil Less Booster Compressor Block with Copper Intercoolers
  2. Electric Motor
  3. Pulley Set with V Belts and Belt Guard
  4. Base Frame with Mountings
  5. Discharge Manifold (Optional)
  6. Vertical Storage Receiver Assembly (Optional)
  7. Standard Fittings and Accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • iNTELLIGENT and S.M.A.R.T. Control Systems
  • Sound Enclosures

We also design and manufacture a specific range of Dryers, Purifiers, Filters and other accessories for Gases.

Compressors & Boosters for:

  • Leak Testing
  • Pulse Testing
  • Pressure Testing With Gas
  • Gas Transfer
  • Gas Recovery
  • Gas Charging
  • Rare Gas Collection
  • Charging Of Nitrogen Accumulators
  • Gas assisted injection molding
  • CO2 foaming
  • Boil-off Recovery
  • PSA Oxygen Generator
  • PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • Bio Gas Generators and Purifiers
  • CNG Filling
  • Laser Cutting

Please get in touch with us with your specific requirement and we shall send you over Detailed Technical Specifications of the system.

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