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OEM Business






Customization and designing novel solutions fuels our passion and defines what we really are.

Over the years, we have gathered a pool of scientific data, in-depth understanding and knowledge base in Compressors and Pumps product segment. Integrating it with the understating of a diverse range of Applications we have come across in all these years, we can offer a competitive edge to companies who are in associated industries.

Our experience and expertise has been regularly by used by OEMs and ODMs around the world whose requirements do not match our standard product range.

Some select a particular model from our Product Lineup and want us to fit it in a particular specific size, shape or weight; some require us to modify our standard product range with a custom branding, while some ask us to create a new solution based on a specific pressure, flow and power criteria.

All of our designs are analyzed and simulated by CAD/CAM system to provide the most optimized solution.

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