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Medical Ventilator Air Compressors

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(Oil-Free) Medical Ventilator Air Compressors

The Medical Ventilator Air Compressors provide high-quality compressed air to Anesthesia Machines and Adult & Infant Ventilators. The compressors are super silent, compact, vibration free and can be operated right in the ICU, Operation Theater or alongside bed. Despite its compactness, these machines have high flow capacities and are designed for extended use. These machines are ideal for Hospitals and Medical Institutions operating two or less number of Medical Ventilators and Anesthesia Machines. It is equally popular for home care & treatment as well.

S.N.ParticularsModel 200Model 100
1Pressure Output4.0 bar, 58 psi
2Continuous Flow40 SLPM
3Peak Flow200 SLPM
4Noise Level≤ 53 dB(A) at distance of 1 M
5Power Ratings0.75, 550 Watts, 230 V, 1 Phase
6DryerDew-Point Suppression of 5 °C below ambient temperature at 50 psi, 3.5 barNot Available.
7Dimensions49 x 32 x 32 cm (W x D x H)
8Weight35 kgs
  • Noiseless Design – Makes as little noise as that of a Split Air Conditioner Unit.
  • Fully Unattended and Automatic Operation
  • Safety Features and Alarms as per International Patient Safety Standards
  • Designed for Extended Use
  • Excellent Service Interval
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Can be easily assembled with a Trolley and Ventilator Mounting making a fully integrated system where space may be at a premium
  • Complete Assembled Unit with Bush Mountings
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Outlet Quick Coupler

Optional Accessories:

  • Trolley with Wheels
  • Trolley with Wheels and Ventilator Mount
  • Standby function with wall supply inlet
  • Dual outlet (40 L/min total flow @ 50 psi)
  • Pneumatic / Air Hoses

Standalone, Silent, Medical Air Compressors for:

  • Respiratory Ventilators
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • ECMO & ECLS Machines
  • Heart & Lung Machines
  • Nebulizers, BiPAPs & CPAPs
  • Similar Medical Applications

Please get in touch with us with your specific requirement and we shall send you over Detailed Technical Specifications of the system.

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